Steers Supports Rounda

Add R1 to feed young tummies and minds

Steers has partnered with Rounda to make a difference!

There are 12 million people in South Africa who live in extreme poverty and 1 out of every 4  go to bed hungry every night. You can help by just by adding R1 to your bill at Steers!

Rounda is the result of teamwork from the business and private sector, with the full backing of the government, to form a groundbreaking public-private initiative.

When you add R1 to your bill, the money goes to the Nikela Charity Funding and Development Trust, as well as SHOUT Libraries and Let’s Play. The Nikela Trust was set up specifically to distribute Rounda funds and helps some of the most vulnerable people in our country by fighting hunger, alleviating poverty, providing healthcare and assisting child protective services.

So next time you’re at Steers, make sure you remember to Rounda your bill and help millions of South Africans.

Together we can make a difference in SA, with just R1.

Steers Rounda Initiative