Real Flame Grilled Burgers

For over 60 years, we’ve been serving the best burgers with REAL flavour. From our award-winning Original King Steer® Burger to our Classic Bacon and Cheese Burger, and new flavours like the Mjojo™ Burger and plant-based meals, our burgers stay being the best. Whatever your appetite needs, we’ve got burgers that are perfect for you and your budget. They’re all Flame-Grilled and full of the mouth-watering flavour that’s been loved by South Africans for generations.


When your budget’s tight, you can still get your Flame-Grilled fix at Steers® with our Get Real Burgers. Grab filling, on-the-run burgers such as the King Steer® Burger, the classic Steers® Rave Burger, a delicious Steers® Burger or Cheese Burger.


Get the mouth-watering flavour of our BBQ ribs on a Ribster Burger!

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Our Flame-Grilled chicken burgers are juicy, tender and full of real flavour. We use 100% real chicken fillets to make your chicken burger, and you have the option to enjoy it your way: Hot, Mild, or Lemon and Herb.


Nothing beats the real flavour of a Flame-Grilled 100% pure beef burger! Grab a Mjojo™ Bacon & Cheese, Cheese, Prince® burger, Steers® or Rave burger when you’re hungry for that real Steers® flavour.


The original king of South African burgers that’s been crowned best burger for 20 years – The Original King Steer® Burger. This range of double cheese burgers is built to fill your real hunger. From the Original with two 100% pure beef patties and two slices of cheese, to the Big Bacon with crispy bacon, and the Mighty® with three 100% pure beef patties and three slices of cheese.


When real hunger hits, nothing but a big burger with two 100% pure beef Flame-Grilled patties will do. Fill up on Real Flavour with our range of Real Hungry burgers.

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Kilojoules based burger only.
Halaal stores use macon. Macon is a beef product.

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