The partnership between FNB Varsity Cup presented by Steinhoff International and Steers, as an official sponsor, promises an exciting 10th season in 2017. The partnership is seen as a ‘perfect fit’ as both partners celebrate youth, diversity and entertainment. The Steers sponsorship of the tournament aims to thrill fans and involve them with innovative and exciting activations and competitions while investing in the future of young student rugby players through a competition that gives them a taste of professional rugby, while encouraging the completion of tertiary studies.


Fri 30 Jan
FNB Wits21 - 26FNB Shimlas
FNB Tuks13 - 9FNB Maties
FNB Ikeys8 - 36FNB Madibaz
FNB UJ12 - 16FNB NWU-Puk
Mon 06 Feb
FNB Ikeys21 - 12FNB CUT
FNB UJ29 - 47FNB Shimlas
FNB Maties26 - 14FNB Wits
FNB NWU-Puk37 - 7FNB Madibaz
Mon 13 Feb
FNB Wits39 - 3FNB CUT
FNB Shimlas7 - 22FNB Ikeys
FNB Tuks33 - 16FNB Madibaz
FNB Maties31 - 9FNB NWU-Puk
Mon 20 Feb
FNB CUT13 - 22FNB Shimlas
FNB NWU-Puk20 - 15FNB Ikeys
FNB Maties35 - 16FNB Madibaz
FNB UJ18 - 17FNB Tuks
Mon 27 Feb
FNB Ikeys16 - 47FNB Maties
FNB Tuks25 - 9FNB Wits
FNB Shimlas35 - 23FNB NWU-Puk
Mon 06 Mar
FNB Tuks100 - 0FNB CUT
FNB UJ36 - 28FNB Madibaz
FNB Shimlas12 - 60FNB Maties
FNB NWU-Puk13 - 22FNB Wits
Mon 13 Mar
FNB Ikeys12 - 40FNB UJ
FNB Shimlas19 - 65FNB Tuks
FNB Wits30 - 20FNB Madibaz
Mon 20 Mar
FNB UJ28 - 23FNB Wits
FNB CUT44 - 73FNB Maties
FNB Shimlas23 - 7FNB Madibaz
FNB Tuks51 - 23FNB Ikeys
Mon 27 Mar
FNB NWU-Puk28 - 43FNB Tuks
FNB CUT14 - 40FNB Madibaz
FNB Wits35 - 23FNB Ikeys
FNB Maties65 - 19FNB UJ
Mon 03 Apr
FNB Maties22 - 14FNB UJ
FNB Tuks28 - 21FNB Shimlas
Mon 17 Apr - Cup Final
FNB Tuks28 - 21FNB Maties

Highlights from the past week

17 April 2017