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Savour that real Flame-Grilled flavour at home! When you’re real hungry for a 100% pure beef burger, our famous hand-cut chips, ridiculously thick milkshakes, Flame-Grilled chicken, or mouth-watering BBQ ribs, get a real delivery from Steers®. With a quick tap on the Steers® app, click on the website, or short phone call, you can get your favourite meals delivered straight to your door! At Steers®, we care about your health and safety, so we take every precaution to ensure your delivery is safe with no contact. So, order a Flame-Grilled Steers® meal and get a safe, no-contact food delivery near you.



Quickly and easily order your favourite Flame-Grilled meals on the app for a real delivery near you. Our app has all the meals you love, from 100% beef burgers to milkshakes, chicken, and more, plus exclusive online deals. So, download the app now and get a food delivery from a Steers® near you.


Get that Flame-Grilled flavour you love delivered to your door, order online. It’s real easy! Go to to place your order for delivery from your nearest Steers®. Plus, you’ll get exclusive online deals for the fam.


Not a fan of app or online ordering? Don’t worry, we got you! We have friendly call centre agents to take your order. To place a Flame-Grilled order for delivery, you can call the Steers® nearest to you directly or contact our customer care centre on 0860 225 587.


Get your Flame-Grilled fix with these Steers® deals! We’ll bring them to your door with our safe, no-contact delivery. Whether you’re alone, with a plus-one, or just hanging out with your family, order a flaming-hot deal for a food delivery near you



It doesn’t matter what time of the month it is, you can still amp up your vibes with that Flame-Grilled taste. Our Get Value Meals are exactly what you need when you’re looking to fill up without spending all your coins.

Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger Combo

Bring Flame-Grilled flavour to your door with a food delivery from Steers®. Grab our Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger with a small portion of chips plus a can, and we’ll bring it straight to you. Order online now!

Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger Combo

King Steer® Burgers

When you’re real hungry, get the king of burgers delivered to your door. Grab a King Steer® Burger! You can choose the Original with 2 beef patties and 2 slices of cheese; the Big Bacon with crispy bacon (also available with macon at Halaal Steers® restaurants), or the Mighty® with 3 beef patties and 3 slices of cheese!

King Steer<sup>®</sup> Burgers

Prince® Burger Meal

Get your Flame-Grilled fix without leaving the house. Get a real delivery from a Steers® near you! Try it now, order the Prince® Burger Meal with our famous hand-cut chips.

Prince<sup>®</sup> Burger Meal


King Steer<sup>®</sup> Burger Sharing Meal

King Steer® Burger Sharing Meal

Date night or just hanging out with your best friend? Then get a Flame-Grilled meal that’s perfect for two delivered to your door! Order the King Steer® Burger Sharing Meal. Order now for a real delivery from Steers®.

Mix It Up Sharing Meal

Mix It Up Sharing Meal

Savour that Flame-Grilled flavour at home. Get a real delivery from Steers® to your door. Grab the Mix It Up Sharing Meal with 2 Original King Steer® Burgers, 2 Steers® Beef Burgers and 2 medium chips. It’s a meal the whole family will love!

Original Steers<sup>®</sup> Beef Burger Sharing Meal

Steers® Beef Burger Sharing Meal

Hanging out with your crew? Stay in and get that Flame-Grilled flavour delivered. Grab the Steers® Beef Burger Sharing Meal with 4 Steers® Burgers and 2 medium chips.

Ribster Burger Sharing Meal

Double Up Sharing Meal

While you’re busy catching up with your bestie or bae, we can deliver a Flame-Grilled sharing meal for two. Order the Double Up Sharing Meal with two Steers® burgers, medium chips and two small thick milkshakes.

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