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Savour that real Flame-Grilled flavour at home! When you’re real hungry for a 100% ground beef burger, our famous hand-cut chips, ridiculously thick milkshakes, Flame-Grilled chicken, or mouth-watering BBQ ribs, get a real delivery from Steers®. With a quick tap on the Steers® app, click on the website, or short phone call, you can get your favourite meals delivered straight to your door! At Steers®, we care about your health and safety, so we take every precaution to ensure your delivery is safe with no contact. So, order a Flame-Grilled Steers® meal and get a safe, no-contact food delivery near you.



Quickly and easily order your favourite Flame-Grilled meals on the app for a real delivery near you. Our app has all the meals you love, from 100% ground beef burgers to milkshakes, chicken, and more, plus exclusive online deals. So, download the app now and get a food delivery from a Steers® near you.


Get that Flame-Grilled flavour you love delivered to your door, order online. It’s real easy! Go to to place your order for delivery from your nearest Steers®. Plus, you’ll get exclusive online deals for the fam.


Not a fan of app or online ordering? Don’t worry, we got you! We have friendly call centre agents to take your order. To place a Flame-Grilled order for delivery, you can call the Steers® nearest to you directly or contact our customer care centre on 0860 225 587.


Our Phanda® Value meals are exactly what you need when you’re looking to fill up without spending all your coins.


It doesn’t matter what time of the month it is, you can still amp up your vibes with that Flame-Grilled taste. Our Get Value Meals are exactly what you need when you’re looking to fill up without spending all your coins.

Phanda® Value Double Meal

Supper with bae or pulling a late night with the homie? You need to make sure the vibes stay 100 by ordering our Phanda® Value Double Meal for delivery. It coPhanda®th 2x Phanda Double burgers and a side of our Famous Hand-Cut Chips, all for R119.90.

Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger Combo

Phanda® Value Double Up Meal

So, there’s nobody who’s about that cooking business tonight? We’ve got a meal the whole family will agree on. That’s our Phanda® Value Double Up MPhanda®th 2x PhPhanda®ouble burgers, 2x Phanda Single burgers and large chips for only R169.90. Order it now and get it delivered to your door.

Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger Combo

Phanda® Value Duo Meal

When you’re with bae but you can’t stop thinking about biting into a Flame-Grilled Steers® burger, don’t fight it. Satisfy your cravings by getting our Phanda® Value Duo Meal for delivery so you and bae cPhanda®oy 2x Phanda Single burgers and medium chips for only R89.90.

Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger Combo

Keep pushing with AS’PHANDE

Teamwork always makes the dream work. When you and your A team are on the grind, you need Real Flame-Grilled flavour to keep the fire burning! Order the NEW As’Phande meal with two Phanda® burgers and large chips from the Steers® app for only R109.90. It’s the only way to kill deadlines and not the vibe.

Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger Combo

Cheers to the Mega Cheese Duo Burger Meal

Go big, even when you’re at home, with our Mega Cheese Duo meal. Enjoy two Mo’Cheese burgers stacked with a Flame-Grilled patty and everything you love in a burger plus large chips for only R149.90. It’s like sharing a secret handshake with your favourite human. Order it now from the Steers® app.

Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger Combo

Share that summer feeling with Mo’Mjojo™ Sharing

Summer isn’t the time for me-time, it’s the time for days out in the sun with your favourite people. But summer needs, summer things – like the Mo’Mjojo™ Sharing Meal. Share that summer feeling with two Mo’Mjojo™ Burgers and Large Chips for only R199.90, available only on the Steers® app. Summer has never tasted this good!

Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger Combo
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