Real Flame Grilled Lunches

Up your lunch game with Steers®

Lunchtime can’t always be regular, sometimes it needs to be a lunch so delicious it changes your day from meeh to woooaaawwww! How do you do that? Well, by having a lunch that’s packed with Flame-Grilled flavour. Whether you’re all out with our Original King Steer® Burger or getting our Phanda Burger meal to keep you on the grind, we’ve got your lunch sorted. So, come through and grab one today.

Full Chicken & Large ChipsFull Chicken & Large Chips

Up your lunch game with a Steers® delivery


Real Value Lunch

Turn your lunch game all the way up with a chicken burger that is juicy, tender and full of real flavour. Grab a hot, mild or lemon & herb Chicken Burger with Small Chips.

Real Value Lunch

Real Hungry Lunch

When you’ve got a mega appetite for ribs, beef and a burger, we’ve got a meal up our sleeves that will up your lunch game. Grab our Mega Ribster Burger with Small chips.

Real Hungry Lunch

Lunch ideas for the kids


We’ve added a tasty Cheese Burger Meal for the little ones. Grab a Kids’ Cheese Burger with Small Chips and a 200ml Cappy juice.

Kids Cheese