Real Flame Grilled Lunches

Up your lunch game with Steers®

Let’s be honest Flame-Grilled fans, sometimes when you open your skaftin at lunchtime, you don’t want that meal. The ‘you’ that packed that lunch in the morning is not the ‘you’ that’s hungry at midday. So, why not upgrade your skaftin game with something you know you’ll love, like a Original King Steer® Burger layered with fresh ingredients and flavourful sauces?

At Steers®, our lunch game is on point! We’ve got so many Flame-Grilled meals that will fill you up and satisfy your craving for a great lunch. And to help you up your lunch game, we’ll tell you all about our great meals so you can upgrade your boring skaftin to a Flame-Grilled Steers® lunch.

Full Chicken & Large ChipsFull Chicken & Large Chips

Up your lunch game with a Steers® delivery


Real Value Lunch

Turn your lunch game all the way up with a chicken burger that is juicy, tender and full of real flavour. Grab a hot, mild or lemon & herb Chicken Burger with Small Chips.

Real Value Lunch

Real Hungry Lunch

When you’ve got a mega appetite for ribs, beef and a burger, we’ve got a meal up our sleeves that will up your lunch game. Grab our Mega Ribster Burger with Small chips.

Real Hungry Lunch

Lunch ideas for the kids


We’ve added a tasty Cheese Burger Meal for the little ones. Grab a Kids’ Cheese Burger with Small Chips and a 200ml Cappy juice.

Kids Cheese