Steers® Flame-Grilled Chicken

Elevate your lunch game with® Flame-Grilled chicken

Lunchtime just got a whole lot tastier with Steers®! Dive into a world of flavour-packed options featuring our mouth-watering Flame-Grilled Chicken. From the classic Quarter Chicken & Chips meal to Chicken or Chicken Cheese burger meals, we’ve got your midday cravings covered.

Chicken Types

Quarter chicken or a chicken burger?

When the midday hunger hits, nothing beats our Quarter Chicken Meal – a lunchtime meal that’s bound to leave you satisfied. Indulge in tender, succulent chicken Flame-Grilled to perfection, served with a side of our famous Hand-Cut Chips. It’s a lunch experience that elevates your mealtime routine. Discover more about our chicken meals here!

Why get one flavour when you can get two? Our Chicken Cheese Burger Meal combines two of your favourites. Enjoy the perfect blend of Flame-Grilled chicken goodness layered with delicious cheese, creating a burger experience like no other. Pair it with our Famous Hand-Cut Chips for a lunch that hits all the right spots. See more chicken meals here!

More Flame-Grilled chicken for lunch

Looking for more lunch options? Go for our Chicken Burger Meal – a fantastic choice for those seeking a satisfying meal. Enjoy the succulent taste of Flame-Grilled chicken in every bite, making lunchtime a real good time. Find more lunchtime ideas here.

Order your Flame-Grilled chicken lunch from Steers®

Let Steers® be your go-to lunchtime destination this summer! Elevate your lunch hour with flavours that ignite conversations and infuse joy into your midday break. Order your Steers® Chicken now!

Full Chicken Meal

It don’t stop there. You can swop the patty of any of your favourite Steers® burgers to chicken if that’s what you’re really vibing with. Now you know, our Flame-Grilled Chicken meals definitely pass the vibe test. Come on through with the homies and the fam and order your favourite. Satisfy your hunger for real! Come thru to your local Steers®.