Steers® Flame-Grilled Chicken

Steers® Flame-Grilled Chicken

In the mood for chicken? You’ve hit the right spot. Ours is tender, juicy and always Flame-Grilled. Here you have a choice between Quarter, Half Chicken and Full Chicken meals, as well as a range of Chicken Burgers. So we’ve got you covered. You can enjoy flavourful Lemon & Herb, or get the best of both worlds with our tasty Mild, or bring the heat with our hot Peri Peri flavour.

Chicken Types

1/4 Chicken meal

Lunch ideas are something that can sometimes be a mission to choose. But you know we’ve always got you. Our Flame-Grilled Quarter Chicken is the best solution to a flavourful and filling meal when you’re riding solo. You get to enjoy a mouth-watering quarter chicken with a small side of our Famous Hand-Cut chips.

1/4 Chicken Meal

1/2 Chicken meal

A dinner meal that’s tender and tasty? What you’re thinking about is our ½ Chicken with a medium side of our Famous Hand-Cut chips. Grab it today and make dinner a vibe.

1/2 Chicken Meal

Full Chicken meal

Linking up with the crew and need something that’ll get all of you filled up and vibing? Then come through and grab our deliciously Flame-Grilled Full Chicken with a large side of our Famous Hand-Cut chips.

Full Chicken Meal

Real Chicken Feast

When the family gets together, you need to make sure you make epic memories and everyone stays filled up on that Flame-Grilled flavour. Whether it’s dinner, a day at the beach or a picnic, we’ve got just the meal. With a Full Chicken, a side of our Famous Hand-Cut chips and 4 fresh mini loaves, our NEW Real Chicken Feast has enough for everybody.

Chicken Feast Meal

Delicious Flame-Grilled Chicken Burgers

Chicken Burger Meal

Need a quick bite? Everyone knows you can’t go wrong with a chicken burger. Grab that Flame-Grilled flavour with our Chicken Burger meal with a small side of our Famous Hand-Cut chips.

Chicken Meal

Chicken Cheese Burger Meal

You’re the kind of homie who stays cheesing? Then you need to get yourself our Chicken Cheese Burger Meal with a small side of our Famous Hand-Cut chips meal. You’ll definitely be all smiles.

Chicken Cheese Burger

Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Burger Meal

You’re about making boss moves and always bringing home the bacon? Then the meal for you is our Chicken, Bacon and Cheese Burger Meal with a small side of our Famous Hand-Cut chips.

Bacon, Chicken & Cheese Burger

Chicken Chilli Cheese Burger Meal

If we’re keeping things flaming hot then our Chicken Chilli Cheese Burger Meal is where it’s at. With a juicy chicken fillet, basted with our creamy Peri Peri sauce and a slice of cheese. Enjoy it with a small portion of our Famous Hand-Cut chips. You’re welcome to look but you won’t find a chicken burger this fire.

Chicken Cheese Burger

It doesn’t stop there. You can swop the patty of any of your favourite Steers® burgers to chicken if that’s what you’re really vibing with. Now you know, our Flame-Grilled Chicken meals definitely pass the vibe test. Come on through with the homies and the fam and order your favourite.