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Real Flame-Grilled goodness has been at the core of our brand for over 60 years. Our meals are made to order using only the freshest quality ingredients. We work tirelessly to develop sustainable ways to produce our meals as we collaborate with eco-conscious suppliers who manage resources ethically and responsibly. Now more than ever, the world needs more eco-conscious brands, so we’ve pledged to do better for the future of our planet.

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We live for Real. This means that the safety and wellbeing of customers is our top priority. We’re committed to serving our customers the great tasting, high quality meals they expect from us, every time, making sure that the food we serve is always delicious and safe to eat. The food we serve is fresh, and adheres to the very highest requirements, using quality ingredients while meeting regulatory requirements and international best practice standards.

All of our restaurants are required to uphold our stringent food safety standards in order to make sure we serve fresh and quality meals. Our restaurants are always audited to make sure that all health and safety requirements are upheld. Our suppliers are also required to adhere to our demanding food safety standards and are independently audited to make sure food safety requirements are always maintained. We take complaints related to our food very seriously and strive to respond to potential health and safety issues related to the food we serve as a priority. It’s important to us that our customers have a great experience at our restaurants and serving you a fresh, tasty, and quality meal will always come first and foremost.

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To help you make better food choices, we’ve added the TruFruit range, which has no added sugar, and No Sugar soft drinks alternatives on our menu. So, whether you’re ordering your favourite Steers® burger or simply need something to quench your thirst, you can grab a refreshing beverage with no added sugar.


There’s nothing quite like the Flame-Grilled taste of a Steers® meal. From our award-winning, 100% ground beef burgers to our famous hand-cut chips, and ridiculously thick milkshakes. We have designed a menu that caters to a range of dietary needs including food allergies, intolerances, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle choices.

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If you don’t eat pork, we’ve got you! Our fully certified Halaal Steers® restaurants will cater to your needs. You can enjoy our Flame-Grilled burgers with macon, mouth-watering beef ribs or Ribster Burgers with boneless beef rib patties.

We also keep our health-conscious burger lovers in mind by adding kilojoule counts on all our menu items. The Better For You icon highlights menu items with low kilojoules such as our chicken burgers, salads, and veggie burger options. When you order a meal and are unsure if the meal has an allergen, you can ask our staff in store or visit our website for a full allergen information breakdown. We’ve put in all this work to ensure that you can enjoy the real flavour, whatever your dietary needs are.

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We care about the future of our planet. That’s why we ensure that the food we prepare is produced, sourced, and grown in a responsible manner. Like our commitment to sourcing only free-range eggs from farms that care about the welfare of their chickens. These farms allow the chickens to roam freely and they’re never housed in cages. Farmers who treat their brood more humanely believe that happy chickens produce healthier and higher quality eggs. A theory you can put to the test when you eat one of our breakfast meals.


We’re committed to protecting the environment and reducing our plastic usage. For this reason, we’ve switched to 100% compostable and recyclable eco-cups, and Steers® restaurants have become no plastic straw zones. Even the box your favourite Steers® meal comes in is recyclable and biodegradable. From takeaway bags to burger boxes, chip packets, straws, and sharing boxes, 92% of all Steers® packaging is biodegradable and compostable. We’ll continue to re-evaluate and modify our packaging so that it meets our sustainability goals.

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We don’t just make real good food; we make food that’s good for the environment and local communities too. So, we’ve partnered with local farmers to develop and empower themselves and their communities by providing access to education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities.


At Steers®, we support emerging farmers. We source our pork from local pig farmers who supply us with the meat to create our bacon, ribs, and rib patties. This gives our Flame-Grilled pork meals that home-grown real Steers® taste.


Another home-grown flavour that makes our real food so good is our cheese, which is sourced from the Coega Cheese Plant in the Eastern Cape. The Coega Cheese Plant was created for the benefit, employment, and upliftment of the local community. Employees are provided with training and education to better their skills to reap better rewards for themselves and their families, which ultimately helps the greater community.


We know that doing good starts at home. So, in addition to our partnerships with local suppliers and farmers, we also run a learnership programme that guides and supports Steers® truck drivers to becoming independent owners of their own trucks. Our aim is to help improve livelihoods and encourage small business growth in South Africa.