Vibe to Mzansi flavour with the NEW
FRESHE Burger and Focalistic

When it comes to firing up a vibe, we stay bringing the flames. This time we’re coming through with the best of Mzansi flavour. We’re bringing you a burger that will make your vibes FRESHE! You’ve just gotta try the NEW Steers® Freshe Boerie Burger. It’s got that Flame-Grilled flavour you know and love with a local twist. A burger this good should break the bank, but not with us though. Come through and enjoy it for only R49.90.

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Bring the whole squad to be part of something fire because this is more than just a burger, it’s a lifestyle. It’s that dope beat that turns up the rhythm of the streets, that morning jam that turns your mood for the day all the way up.

That’s why we’ve got together with President ya straata, Focalistic, to put you on that FRESHE lifestyle with a fire playlist for all-day vibing!

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