Steers® Drive Thru

Grab your Flame-Grilled faves at a Steers® Drive Thru

Get all your favourite Steers® meals on the go, without even having to leave your car. Find a Steers® Drive Thru near you for Flame-Grilled flavour when you’re on the move.

Find a Steers® Drive Thru near you

Plain Chips

Enjoy The Steers® Drive Thru Experience

Where can you get real good flavour and stay on the move? You don’t even gotta ask, fam. Steers® Drive Thru has got you.

A quick bite, a delicious burger meal or a sweet dessert; you can get all of them on the go. Whether you’re heading to groove or just don’t have the time to wait in line, come through to get one of our Flame-Grilled meals and stay on the move.

Epic Drive Thru Meals for You

Phanda® King Steer® Meal

When the hunger is real, there’s no time to waste; you need a meal fit for royalty. Grab a Flame-Grilled Phanda® King Steer® Burger.


Chicken Cheese Burger

There ain’t nothing that beats an Original. Visit a Steers® Drive Thru near you to enjoy a delicious Chicken Cheese Burger meal.

Original Cheese Chicken Burger

Chilli Cheese Meal

You’re all about bringing that heat? We are too. Come through to a Steers® Drive Thru to get yourself our spicy Chilli Cheese Meal.

Original Chilli Cheese Meal

Make sure you visit a Steers® near you to try our NEW burger meals or you can order online and have them delivered to you.