Real good burgers to enjoy at home with Steers® Delivery

Getting to a Steers® and being greeted by that epic Flame-Grilled smell and our friendly staff always makes the trip worth it. With so many fire options, choosing what to have can get a little tricky. That’s understandable, we also understand that making the trip to Steers® Gauteng won’t always be possible. No worries, we’ve got you sorted with Steers® delivery. When you can’t come get your burger meal, we’ll bring it to you.

Facts are facts, a Flame-Grilled cheese burger just tastes better

Everyone knows that when it comes to bringing you that Flame-Grilled flavour, we always stand on business! When we say our Flame-Grilled cheese burgers just taste better, we’re speaking nothing but facts. Don’t want to take our word for it? Grab one from Steers® Gauteng and let your tastebuds be the judge. We’ll even bring it to you, simply order it for delivery online or on the Steers® app.

Cheese Burger Meal

The best burgers in Gauteng? It can only be Steers® burgers

You’ll never know when the craving for a real good burger might creep up on you, but one thing you can always be sure of is where to get the best one. When you’re looking for a burger that reigns supreme, our award-winning King Steer® burger always takes the throne.

You’ve got the craving but not the cash? Then grab our Phanda burgers for something quick, full of flavour and won’t dent your budget.

If you want to relax and satisfy your craving by enjoying your Flame-Grilled feast in the comfort of your home? Then order one of our Real Hungry burgers for delivery online or on the Steers® app.

Phanda Burger Meal

Do the most, get a double patty burger

Who said you can’t ball on a budget and treat yourself to a burger that’s got more than one patty? Whoever said that doesn’t know anything about our Cheesy BBQ Double burger or the King Steer® burger. They also don’t know that you can enjoy them for less than fifty bucks. If you want to go for something bigger then go for our Big Bacon burger or the award-winning Original King Steer® burger. Have it at your spot by ordering it for delivery online or on the Steers® app.

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Original King Steer Meal

Online burger specials that feel like a big Win

Stay winning with the online only deals from Steers® Gauteng. When you and your homie are deep in the hustle and need to fuel up, get in on our As’phande burger meal. It’s got 2 Flame-Grilled Phanda burgers and a large portion of our Famous Hand-Cut Chips. If you’re planning a cute night in with bae, get the Mo’ Mjojo™ Sharing meal to make your night mo’ fire. Whatever you’re up to, we’ve got a meal for you. Visit our website or download the Steers® app and get your favourite for delivery from Steers® Gauteng.

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Asphanda Meal

We do the most with plant-based burgers too

Wanna try something a little different? Then let’s put you onto our plant-based burgers. Try our Veggie Burger for a much-needed quick lunch. If you want to make dinner something to look forward to, order our Double Veggie Burger for delivery online or on the Steers® app.

Double Veggie Burger Meal
Order Now Steers® Delivers

Whether you’re looking for a burger meal to share, to enjoy on your own, or you’re simply trying to find a new favourite, we’ve got a burger you can order for delivery from Steers® Gauteng. Check them out on our website or on the Steers® app for some fire online deals.