Steers® Flame-Grilled chicken stays hitting the spot

You may think you have the best grilled chicken recipe out there. No matter how good it is, it’ll never come close to the taste of our grilled chicken. Whether you’re going for one of our chicken meals or treating yourself to a tasty chicken burger, we’ve got a meal for you that never lacks when it comes to flavour.

Munch on a Grilled ¼ Chicken lunch

You’re always heavy on the grind, sometimes it can leave you drained before it even gets to midday. That’s when you need something to get you fuelled up and back on top form. If that’s the kinda day you’re having and you’re wondering how to stay fired up, come through to Steers® Gauteng for our Grilled ¼ Chicken. If you’re having a lazy day and you have plans to do nothing more than chilling on the couch, this is the meal for you too.

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1/4 Chicken Meal

Go halvies on our Grilled ½ chicken meal

The day has been long but you and the homie still have plans for an even longer night? To make sure you’re not caught lacking by the stomach rumbles, you’ll need to find the best Grilled chicken near you. Why not go halvies on a mouth-watering ½ Chicken meal from Steers® Gauteng? We’ve got it in three tasty flavours for you to choose from. You can get it hot for that spicy kick, get it mild if you’re not trying to get too wild, or have it in tasty lemon and herb if you don’t like the heat.

1/2 Chicken Meal

Good times are better with a Real good chicken

Having get-togethers with your friends is the best way to keep the circle tight. Every link up has to be a little different but it always has to be a good time. It’s a games night this time and a hike the next time, maybe even a young movie night here and there. Some people might be late as usual and you guys might have a hard time choosing what movie to watch, but there’s only one thing you’ll always get right: what to eat. Everyone knows the Full Chicken Feast from Steers® will do the things that need to be done, every single time. It’s always a crowd favourite so be sure to get it when everyone comes through.

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Full Chicken

Are we all getting the chicken burger?

Sometimes the need to switch things up is a must. You’ve got your favourite Grilled beef burger, now it’s time for you to fall in love with one of our Grilled Chicken burgers. They’re juicy, tender and waiting for you to bite into all that flavour. You can have yours hot if that’s your thing, and even if you like yours a little mild, we’ve got you covered. Prefer yours to be a flavourful lemon & herb? We’ve got you too. Come through with the whole squad to find your new favourite.

Chicken Burger Meal
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If you want the best of both worlds, you can swop the patty of any of your favourite Steers® burgers for chicken if that’s what you’re really in to.

Come through to Steers® Gauteng and enjoy our Grilled chicken meals. If you want us to bring it to your spot then you can order it online or on the Steers® app and we’ll deliver it to your door.