Famous Hand-Cut Chip

Hand-Cut Chips

Steers® FAMOUS Hand-Cut Chips

Since we lit our flame way back when, we’ve been serving that Flame-Grilled flavour with the tastiest sides. Ours are the kind of sides that give your burger order a little something extra and makes your meal a big deal. That’s why Steers® Hand-Cut Chips have always been known and loved as the perfect side.

The history of South Africa’s Favourite Hand-Cut Chips

Don’t ever settle for less. When you’re looking for chips in a league of their own, then you need to choose our Famous Hand-Cut Chips. Since the get-go they’ve been the best and that’s not about to change. You don’t even gotta take our word for it. They’ve been voted the best chips in Tshwane, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, and Ekurhuleni in 2022 and 2023. Come give them a try and enjoy a crisp like no other.

Our Hand-Cut chips are built different

Plain Chips


You like them just as they are with our famous seasoning and a little sauce? Then grab our medium hand-cut chips at a Steers® near you.

Plain Chips


If you like them all cheesy then you need to get yourself our large Cheesy Chips even on the go at a Steers® Drive Thru near you.

Add Toppings to your Chips

Bacon Bits




Crispy Onion


Hand Holding a Chip

Real value Meal ideas

Get Real Steers® Cheese Burger

Lunch it up in a big way even if your budget is small. Grab our Get Real Steers® Cheese Burger meal with a side of our Famous Hand-Cut Chips.

Mighty King Steer Meal

Get Real King Steer® Burger

Looking for dinner on a budget? You can still fill up on that fire Flame-Grilled flavour with our Get Real King Steer® Burger meal that comes with a side of our Famous Hand-Cut chips.

Double Veggie Burger

Visit a Steers® near you to enjoy our Famous Hand-Cut chips with any of your favourite Flame-Grilled meals. Not keen on going anywhere? Order online or on the Steers® app and get your meal delivered to you.