Steers® Drive Thru

Grab your Flame-Grilled faves at a Steers® Drive Thru

Craving your favourite Flame-Grilled meals but short on time? Say no more! Steers® Drive Thru has your back, offering all your favourite Steers® meals, and you don’t even have to step out of your car. Find a Steers® Drive Thru nearby and indulge in that unmistakable Flame-Grilled taste even when you’re on the go.

Burger Hand
Ribster Burger

Savour the convenience

Where can you grab amazing flavour without pausing your journey? Right here at Steers® Drive Thru! Whether it’s a quick bite, a satisfying burger meal, or a delightful dessert, we’ve got you covered. Rushing to an event or simply on a tight schedule? Swing by our Drive Thru and savour the goodness of our Flame-Grilled meals while staying on track.

Epic meals to order at a Steers® Drive Thru

Feel the hunger pangs hitting hard? Our Phanda® King Steer® Meal is fit for royalty! Sink your teeth into the succulent, FlPhanda®illed Phanda King Steer® Burger, a meal that satisfies every craving without wasting a second. Visit our Drive Thru and claim your royal feast!

Ribster Burger

For the aficionados of classic flavours, our Chicken Cheese Burger is an unbeatable choice. Cruise through a Steers® Drive Thru near you and relish the original taste of our Chicken Cheese Burger meal.

Original Cheese Chicken Burger

Are you all about that spicy kick? We’ve got just the thing for you! Head over to a Steers® Drive Thru and indulge in our Chilli Cheese Meal, guaranteed to satisfy your craving for that extra punch of heat.

Original Chilli Cheese Meal

Ready to experience the ultimate convenience on the go? Swing by one of our Steers® Drive Thru locations and let your taste buds revel in the goodness of Flame-Grilled perfection without missing a beat. Explore Steers® Drive Thru now!

With Steers® Drive Thru, get real good flavour while keeping up with your pace – because great taste doesn’t wait!